Procedures and completion of complaints

1. Acceptance of the complaint

1.1. All complaints should be submitted in writing on the complaint form (Annex 1) and sent to the e-mail address:,
1.2. The person coordinating the entire Complaint process is the Administration & Sales Office of Euroducting.
1.3. In the case of a complaint regarding the quality of the product, on the basis of a preliminary assessment of the manner of considering the complaint, the Production Manager of Euroducting may assign the verification of the legitimacy of the complaint to the territorially appropriate Technical and Trade Advisor.
1.4. The contact persons for complaints are:
a) In the scope of appeal proceedings – Euroducting Administration & Sales Office

2. Deadlines

2.1. A quantitative complaint (non-compliance with the delivery document) of the delivery is possible within 7 days from the date of delivery of the goods to the Customer. A detailed description of the complaint procedure is described in point 4 of this procedure.
2.2. Complaints about the quality of the product are possible within 30 days from the date of delivery. The quality complaint does not cover damage caused in the event of inadequate storage of elements at the customer’s site. A detailed description of the complaint procedure is described in point 5 of this procedure.
2.3. Complaints related to damage during transport must be reported directly to the carrier or courier company and have to be completed in the moment of delivery of the goods. A detailed description of the complaint procedure is described in point 6 of this procedure.
3. Recipient’s Responsibilities
3.1. During the delivery of the goods to the customer, the recipient is obliged to check the packaging of the shipment in order to find any damage.
3.2. If the packaging arrived at the place of receipt damaged and damage to the products is found, the recipient of the goods is obliged to draw up a damage report available from the courier or driver. Noting the damage on the consignment note is not the same as the damage report. If the recipient signs or accepts goods from carrier without clear note on carrier’s document of damage, Euroducting cannot accept claim.
3.3. Complaints should be submitted by the Customer in writing, on the complaint form (Annex 1) in the manner described in point 1.1. Complaints submitted by telephone require a later written confirmation within 3 working days. An employee of Euroducting will pre-register the complaint, however, such a complaint will not be considered until a written confirmation. If the telephone complaint is not confirmed in writing, the complaint will not be considered.

4. Procedure in the case of a quantitative complaint

4.1. Customer is obliged to take clear picture that illustrate damage and attach to complaint form, claims without clear illustrated pictures cannot be accepted by Euroducting
4.2. The assessment of the validity of a quantitative complaint is made within 5 working days from the date of receipt by the employees of Euroducting on the basis of the delivery documents and the order document.
4.3. Recognition of a quantitative complaint is tantamount to the delivery of the missing products to the customer. The delivery will be made immediately, at the expense and effort of Euroducting to the delivery address provided by the Customer.

5. Procedure in the event of a quality complaint

5.1. Within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the quality complaint from the Customer, the company Euroducting will provide preliminary information on how to settle the complaint. The deadline for settling the complaint depends on the complexity of the case and will be agreed by the parties by way of separate arrangements.
5.2. Until the complaint process is completed, the claimed product may not be assembled or processed in any way.
5.3. The company Euroducting is not responsible for the consequences of using the advertised products.
5.4. The prerequisites for considering a quality complaint are:
– Correct completion of the complaint form (Annex No. 1).
– Preparation of photographic documentation of advertised products.
– Description of the observed quality defects of the products.

6. Procedure in the case of a Transport Complaint

6.1 The necessary conditions for dealing with a complaint regarding damage to the goods during transport are:
– A damage report drawn up on a form available from the driver / courier, confirmed with a legible signature by the driver / courier.
– Preparation of photographic documentation of damaged products.
– Description of noticed damage.

7. Liability

7.1. The liability in any case is limited to the value of goods as invoiced by Euroducting.
7.2. The liability is only valid to faulty material or manufacturing defects.
7.3. Product suitability is sole responsibility of the customer. Euroducting emphasizes that customer tests and approves product to their specific.

8. Euroducting reserves the right to refuse to accept the complaint arising from the following reason

8.1. Outside claim period.
8.2. Related to customers specific application issues of problems.
8.3. Due to delivery dates, transport problems or customs delays.
8.4. Values over the invoice value of Euroducting invoice.
8.5. Penalties that were not authorized by Euroducting in writing at point of confirming the order.
8.6. Color or shade variations as fabrics and other materials come from different suppliers and change in shade because of different batch.

9. Final provisions

9.1. The Customer may appeal to Euroducting.