Terms and conditions

  • All temperatures and technical data stated are maximum peak values @20°C ambient temperature clean dry air. For more permanent values we recommend, to reduce levels by at least 25%.
  • Most products are not suitable for humid hot air and steam or outside and UV application.

Please ask our design team for advice. These conditions must be spaceifed on request and order

  • All technical Information are only guidelines and non binding in any way
  • Most products are not Air Tight and Not suitable for Liquids. Any such conditions require special solutions
  • Euroducting can only warrant workmanship and agreed spec of products Never the specific application of customers therefore customer must check all suitability
  • Durability of Product depends ONLY on Application and use of customer and customer application. Testing applications suitability is sole responsibility of the customer
  • Once customer has approved product this will be irrevocable and full confirmation for Euroducting to manufacture product to the agree spec. any changes after that the customers need to pay for costs incurred.
  • All High Temperature ducting Sewn Versions Marked Duramax and Duraclip are used for suction only and inside use. The temperature rating are only when used with the induction of 25% ambient air at point of extraction
  • It is the client’s duty to test each product to his/her specific application as each application is client specific with its own combination of demands to the Euroducting

Euroducting limits any liability to the value of the goods supplied.

– All products remain sole property of Euroducting until paid in full by the customer.

– All delivery dates are estimated to our best knowledge at the time of order confirmation. Any possible claims or penalties as the result of late deliveries must be stated by the client at time of order and be confirmed by Euroducting in writing by return.

  • Possible liability claims may only be considered by Euroducting when the client specified in writing the exact application for the product supplied this must be in writing confirmed by in writing
  • All technical data are subject to change and innovation.
  • It is highly recommended that the client and Euroducting agree a common set of quality control procedures.
  • Prices may be subject to change due to altering market condition. If requested Euroducting shall provide written evidence.
  • Any returns to Euroducting can only be accepted if Euroducting agrees in writing to that specific return.
  • Customers have seven working days after receipt of goods to claim any defects or shortages by email. Any claims filed after this period will be refused by Euroducting.
  • Only Information in writing given by Euroducting is valid.
  • All prices are Ex Works no packing unless specified.