Special Products

Special products entail all products that do not qualify as catalogue products and include DuctJackets, product covers, LayFlat ducts, Y connectors, T connectors, adapters.

Most special products are made specifically to compliment their respective counterpart, such as the PLX and PLS sewn ducts, which can be connected using specific Y and T connectors using metal rings, velcro or strap belts.

Other special products include custom cuffs and connectors for DuraUni products, as well as covers, connectors or individually specified colours and component combinations.

It is particularly important to align the style, type and specifications of special products, to ensure that the overall application parameters remain consistent in terms of temperature, pressure, mechanical stress and dimensions.

The Special product range includes the following models. Please refer to the individual data sheets for more detailed information.

DuctJacket & DuctJacket FR

The DuctJacket is a unique insulation jacket used to wrap around existing ducts to insulate from noise thermal differences. The insulation material can be polyester wool, PU foam or melamine basotec foam.

Duraflex Layflat

The Duraflex Layflat is a balooning product which inflates to transport hot/cold air into large open spaces. Its main advantage is the light weight. Hanging loops make it easy to hang in large halls or tents.