Dura Spiraflex

The sewn HVAC & ventilation hose is particularly suitable for heavy duty fume and air pushing/extraction purposes. The wide range of materials, including insulated versions, make this product suitable for building, tent, machinery, mining and industrial ventilation purposes. The correct choice of materials and construction type make this product suitable for permanent and mobile installations.

DuraSpiraflex ducting, is typically assembled using a combination of single, two or three-ply fabrics, sewn onto a metal spiral, which is then covered with an abrasion resistant scuff strip, creating a highly durable and flexible duct.

DuraSpiraflex ducts are constructed using hot galvanised or spring steel wire, which is pitched to suit the desired task, where negative air pressure (usually air suction) requires a much tighter spiral arrangement when compared to pushing ducts. Insulated products can further increase the efficiency of hot & cold air transportation. It is the accurate selection of all base materials, in combination with specialist assembly techniques, that make these products outperform conventional alternatives, in terms of quality and longevity.

DuraSpiraflex ducts are available in diameters of up to 2 meters and lengths of 40 meters. Layflat ducts are used in combination with structured products and baloon into shape when filled with air (pushing hot or cold air).

Typical materials used for both the inside and outside layers include:


Silicone Coated Glass


Fire Retardant Polyester Cordura


Neoprene Polyester

The product is also available in various colours, such as yellow, black or grey or white.

Optional insulation layers include:


Polyester Wool


Polyurethane Foam (PU)

Thread options include:


Kevlar Thread


Ceramic Thread


Polyester Thread

Optional scuff strip materials include:


Polypropelene Belt, in a wide range of colours, including white, grey, green, or orange

Standard options include:


Hanging loops


Metal Rings






Built in protective covers


Y&T shaped connectors


Custom fabrics


Custom colours

The DuraSpiraflex product range includes the following, base models. Please refer to the individual data sheets for more detailed information.

DuraSpiraflex PLS FR

The PLS FR is a fire retardant PVC Polyester Condura duct, sewn onto a hot galvanised steel wire, finished with a polypropylene belt.

DuraSpiraflex PLX FR

The PLX FR is a fire retardant Europrene Polyester duct, sewn onto a hot galvanised steel wire, finished with a polypropylene belt.

DuraSpiraflex PLX i

The PLX i duct is a light europrene polyester duct equipped with an inner layer of polyester wool for added noise and temperature insulation. The whole fabric is then sewn onto a galvanised steel spiral.

DuraSpiraflex PP80 FR

The DuraSpiraflex PP80 duct is a PVC polyester antistatic duct. The whole fabric is sewn onto a galvanised steel spiral.

DuraSpiraflex Product Customisations – Applicable to all models.

Hanging Loops

The loops can be used to hang the entire duct on a rope or hook. This is particularly important with Layflat ducts.

Long & Short Cuffs

The standard cuffs can be made longer, shorter and equipped with velcro or zipper as may be required.

Metal D-Rings

Metal D-Rings offer a heavy duty option for permanent installations or the use of quick release carabiners.

Simple End-Belts

Simple end-belts are the best option for universal connectivity. A small metal clip will help secure the belt firmly. On larger diameters, the belt can be equipped with a belt ratchet.

Ventilation Holes

Ventilation holes can be used to distribute hot or cold air as opposed to only transporting it from one end to another.

Zipper Connections

These can be used to connect the duct to another duct, or a transition piece or velcro adapter. It can also be used to simply block the duct if equipped with ventilation holes.