EuroDucting Product Groups

At EuroDucting we specialise in three manufacturing techniques

DuraUni Vulcanised Products

DuraUni products are vulcanised ducts, mainly suitable for cold and hot gas transportation. Certain ducts are also suitable for solid granulate transportation. Temperature resistance for this product type ranges from –80°C to +310°C and pressure ranges between –0.6 bar and +2.5 bar.

DuraMax Sewn Products

DuraMax are sewn products and are mainly used for hot gas and combustion fume extraction and are particularly temperature resistant, where the SL250 can resist up to 250°C and the SL800 over 700°C and short bursts of up to 1,000°C.

DuraSpiraflex Sewn Products

The DuraSpiraflex are sewn products and suitable for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and A/C) applications, specially designed to transport hot and cold air (-50°C to +150°) in large volumes, mainly for mechanical, tent, building, mining and turbine ventilation. This product is suitable for permanent and mobile installations and is particularly versatile. Please refer to the special product section to see all the possibilities.

DuraSilicone Molded Products

The DuraSilicone products are durable silicone products manufactured using polished metal molds to create specialist ducting suitable for industrial coolant, turbo and food FDA applications.

Special Products

Special products, includes all product that do not fall into any of the other categories, which include special customisations and hand made products.